Franco Ariel Ramirez Villa
mobile number +52 1 3411487150
Git hub profile: Franco1010


Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI
Computing Engineering
Expected graduation date: July 2020

Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicio 226
Electronic Technician July 2016


  • 1st place in Programing Contest ITCG, 2018
  • 3rd place in X Programming Contest “Donald Knuth” ESCOM-IPN, 2018
  • 3rd place in Hackaton CodeGDL ( Data analysis ) 2018
  • 1st place in Regional Mexican Mathematic Olympiad, 2015
  • 2nd place in Regional Mexican Mathematic Olympiad, 2014
  • 1st place by teams in Regional Mexican Mathematic Olympiad, 2014
  • 11th place in National Pre-university Math Tournament, 2015


Image Analysis Project in C# in Visual Studio February 2018 – June 2018. Detect circles in an image and create a graph checking collision with structures between nodes. Search minimum paths with a certain number of nodes and create the minimum spanning trees. Create a game above the graph with prey and predators particles that interact taking decisions and moving to the target.


  • UdeG Algorithms Club. Founder and collaborator of Algorithms Club of the University. Imparted trainings for ACM-ICPC beginners. A collaboration of students and teachers, with the only purpose of rise the competitive level of the students that already have a team or want to start in competitive programming
  • Summer 2017 UdeG CUCEI Online Videoconferencing for OMI / ACM: Coordinate and impart a set of videoconferences with people of the best universities of Mexico, was mainly aimed at high school students, a complete course with a introduction, theory and problems about each important area in Mexican Computing Olympiad and ACM-ICPC.
  • 08/15 - 06/16 CBTis226 Advisor in math department Advising and tutor for students of the school in math and electronic subjects, my job here was a second class with a different view point for those who don’t understand a class or simply miss a topic.
  • 08/14 - 06/16 CBTis226 Coach in math club Coaching prospects for Regional Mathematic Olympiad with topics like algebra, number theory, combinatory, geometry, etc.


  • Programming Languages:
  • C/C++ 4 years
  • C# 1 year
  • Python 1 year
  • HTML/CSS 6 months
  • Java 6 months
  • Platforms: Win XP (user), Linux (user), OSX(user)


  • UCI ICPC Caribbean Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.
  • 1st CIMAT Training Camp – Algorithms School 2018
  • 1st UdeG Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.

  • 2nd UdeG Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.


  • 8TH international Supercomputing Conference in Mexico, Guadalajara, March 2017.
  • 67TH International Astronautical Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico, September 2016.


  • Spanish (Native language)
  • English (Advanced)

Franco Ramirez

This is my personal page and blog, here you can find my curriculum, projects, ideas, and some other random entry

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