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I assist to the 11 ICPC Caribbean Training Camp in the UCI ( Universidad de Ciencias Informaticas ) in La Habana, Cuba and here I’m going to explain my experience in the camp and the country.


The Country

My team and I stayed at the university hotel which consist of two large buildings in the center of the university, the camp offers an apartment for the team, each of us with our own room with all the services and the most important thing: with air conditioning which was very good because Cuba is quite hot.

HOTEL The university is huge, it has rows and rows of buildings, a lot of them are for the students because all the students have their own room and 3 meals all days for free while they course a career in the UCI.
As a curiosity, before Fidel Castro found the UCI most of the buildings belonged to a Russian military base, for that reason some of the buildings look old, but don’t misunderstand me, the UCI is beautiful and has a lot of history in it.
La Habana has too much to see, with a lot of tourist points, a lot of history, a lot of culture, but be careful it also comes with a lot of tourist traps with exorbitant prices.

LA HABANA If you plan to visit Cuba sometime don’t forget to try the mojitos.

The Training

Our principal coach was Pablo Zimmermann, the training consist of 2 weeks with 5 classes, 1 introduction, 5 contest and one extra contest for the challengers of the camp, was a hard training for my team and I, mainly because after each exam, the trainers recommend to do “up solving” doing at least one problem that your team doesn’t achieve in the contest, so basically it was all day programming and trying to solve problems that doesn’t solve in the 5 hours of your contest.
The topics of the classes were:

  • General Solutions
  • Greedy
  • Arithmetic and primality
  • Network Flow
  • Combinatory and Probability
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem

And soon you can find all the classes and presentations in my page: ACM-ICPC

It’s important to mention the high level of the competitors that we face in Cuba. It’s awesome how the great majority of the teams of other countries have less than the half of the problems of a cuban team at the end of the contest. I’m leaving with a lot of new knowledge, tips, and experience, but also with a bad taste in my mouth with our performance and eager to return and probe to myself that we can do better.

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