Franco Ariel Ramirez Villa
mobile number +52 1 3327013677
Git hub profile: Franco1010


Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI
Computing Engineering
Expected graduation date: July 2020

Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicio 226
Electronic Technician July 2016


Facebook, Inc. - Summer 2019 - Software Engineer Intern

  • Worked on PHP / Hack backend with React front end, implemented the landing page, with logging and telemetry, dashboards and Presto queries.
  • Added touch-bar integration for the Messenger Desktop application for MacOS.


UdeG - August 2018 / Present - Algorithms Club

  • Co-Founder and collaborator of Algorithms Club of the University.
  • Imparted trainings for ICPC beginners in a collaboration of students and teachers, with the only purpose of rise the competitive level of the students that already have a team or want to start in competitive programming.

OMI and OMM committees - August 2014 Coach at Mexican Olympiad in Informatics (OMI) Coach at Mexican Olympiad of Mathematics (OMM)

  • Volunteer in both communities. I gave lectures to high school students about Algebra, Geometry, Number theory, Combinatory, Dynamic Programming algorithms as part of their training for Nationals.


  • Finalist ACM-ICPC Mexico and Central America - 2019
  • Finalist ACM-ICPC Mexico and Central America November - 2018
  • 1st place in Programming Contest ITCG - February 2018 - Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Guzman
  • 2nd place in 13th Programming Contest ANIEI - October 2018 - Universidad de Guadalajara
  • 3rd place in X “Donald Knuth” Programming Contest - June 2018 - Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • 3rd place in Hackaton Code GDL ( Data Analysis ) - March 2018 - Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
  • 1st place in state phase of Mexican Mathematics Olympiad - 2015
  • 2nd place in state phase of Mexican Mathematics Olympiad - 2014


Image Analysis - February 2018 / June 2018 - Project in C# in Algorithm Seminar

  • Detect circles in an image and create a graph checking collision with structures between nodes.
  • Search minimum paths with a certain number of nodes and create the minimum spanning trees.
  • Create a game above the graph with prey and predators particles that move and interact taking decisions and moving to the target.

Online Judge - August 2018 / Present - Team project in web class

  • An Online Judge system, where users could use this as a platform for preparing themselves for competitive programming.
  • App with an API in JavaScript with NodeJs deployed in Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.


  • Moscow Workshop - Singapore Camp 2019 Competitive Programming.
  • UCI ICPC Caribbean Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.
  • 1st CIMAT Training Camp – Algorithms School 2018
  • 1st UdeG Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.
  • 2nd UdeG Training Camp 2018 Competitive Programming.


  • 8TH international Supercomputing Conference in Mexico, Guadalajara, March 2017.
  • 67TH International Astronautical Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico, September 2016.


  • Spanish (Native language)
  • English (Advanced)


C/C++/11/14, Python, JavaScript, C#, MATLAB HTML, CSS, NodeJs, GoogleCloud, AWS, LaTeX, React, Electron


Franco Ramirez

This is my personal page and blog, here you can find my curriculum, projects, ideas, and some other random entry

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